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Finding new ways to elevate your workout routine or to keep in shape is one of the biggest challenges people face with their fitness regime today. Pacgym addressed this problem by providing you with comprehensive best lists, detailed reviews, and expertly written guides about a variety of alternative exercise equipment. This is why you won’t find articles about your typical elliptical machine but will find articles about interesting and exciting workout and wellness alternatives such as mini elliptical machines and inversion tables.

The main goal of Pacgym is to encourage individuals at home to lead an active lifestyle and to help users find products that best fit into their lifestyle.


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How Do We Pick Products to Review?

There is a combination of factors we consider in order to accurately portray a list of the best products available on the market. These factors include consumer opinions, product comparisons, industry trends, manufacturer reputability, and product specifications. 

After performing the market research and compiling the list of the best products, we then choose one of the products out of the list to be our Top Pick product. A Top Pick product is simply the product we recommend as the best product overall out of the list.

Our Ethics – Why Should You Trust Us?

All articles on Pacgym have been authored by fitness experts and enthusiasts who have extensive knowledge about the subject, which in turn provides you with factual and reliable information that will ultimately help you make an informed buyer’s decision. 

Brands are encouraged to share their new or best-selling products with us to review on Pacgym. However, we do not accept payment for publishing, and the review is not altered to suit the brand. Instead, we believe that both the brand and you the customer would benefit more from honest reviews and opinions rather than all praise and selling techniques.

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How is Pacgym Benefiting From You?

In order to regularly publish useful articles and maintain the quality of the Pacgym website, there will be costs involved. Therefore when a product is reviewed by us, we will include a button that is clearly marked with an Amazon logo. When you click on one of these buttons you will be redirected to the Amazon shopping website where you can make a purchase if you want. Only once you have followed the link in the button and made a purchase off of Amazon do we receive a small referral commission. 

By using this model we can continue to provide you with informative add-free content while still maintaining the integrity of the site. We appreciate any support you show by clicking our provided buttons and making a purchase on Amazon as this allows us to keep doing what we love. 

Our Promise to You

  • All Pacgym content posted is honest, unbiased, and objective.
  • No brands featured get to change or influence what we publish about their product.
  • Our content will always be original, factually sound, and written by authors who are fitness enthusiasts and experts.
  • We will remain transparent about how we earn money and benefit.
  • The main focus is to truly assist you with making the correct purchase to fit your lifestyle. 

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